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Chair: Alan Boeser, 406-9667

Vice Chair: Joe Gulash

Secretary: Kevin Suttles

Treasurer: Kyle David

While not a committee of Holishor we do hold bass fishing tournaments at Holiday Shores Marina. We also organize the

Garrett Steele Memorial Kids Fishing Derby every year.

After speaking with IDNR and our fisheries biologist, we have given them all the Crappie and Yellow Bass data that we received from the crappie tournaments and fisherman reporting their catches. They recommend that we continue taking out the crappie and the yellow bass at this time.

Please still report your catches to Shaun Diltz


The fishing committee is working diligently with our fisheries

biologist to improve our lake.

2023 Special
Tournament Dates

March 19 8am - 2pm Start time till Easter.

April 8 Saturday before Easter 12:30pm - 6:30pm

May 6 Garrett Steele Memorial Kids Derby 10:00am - Noon. Backup Date June 17

May 13 Saturday Guys & Gals 9:00am -1:00pm

May 28 Veterans Memorial Day Tournament 6am -Noon ($30.00 entry fee)

June 4 Mid season meeting 10:30am Hookers Reel Restaurant-No Tournament.

June10 Sandmark High School Big Bass Chase 6:00am -2:00pm

June18 Fathers Day 6:00am -Noon

June 19 Lake is off limits to all competitors fishing the Heartland Summer Classic.

June 24 & 25 Heartland Summer Classic 6am - 2pm both days

August 18 Catfish Tournament 7:00pm - 11:00pm

    Brendan Magruder is running this Tournament

August 26 Rick Henke Tournament 1:00pm - 7:00pm ($30.00 entry fee)

September 23 & 24 Gary Horn Fall Classic takeoff  (TBD) 8hrs both days.

    Backup dates if needed Oct. 14 &15.

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