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Events Calendar
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09/01 Ski Club Meeting- Monday 7:00pm
09/02 Building Committee Meeting- Tuesday 6:30pm
09/03 Social Committee Meeting- Wednesday 7:00pm
09/10 Board Meeting- Wednesday 7:30pm
09/15 Garden Club Meeting- 6:30pm
09/16 Building Committee Meeting- Tuesday 6:30pm
09/20 Holiday Shores Golf Tournament
09/23 Hearing Committee Meeting- Tuesday 7:00pm
09/24 Board Meeting- Wednesday 7:30pm

10/01- Social Committee Meeting- 6:30pm
10/06- Ski Club Meeting- 7:00pm
10/07- Building Committee Meeting- 6:30pm
10/08- Board Meeting- 7:30pm
10/18- Halloween Party
10/20- Garden Club Meeting- 6:30pm
10/21- Building Committee Meeting- 6:30pm
10/22- Board Meeting- 7:30pm
10/28- Hearing Committee Meeting- 7:00pm

Exercise is Mondays @10am & Wednesdays & Fridays @ 9am

Karate is Tuesdays & Thursdays @ 7pm

Zumba is Mondays @ 7pm &
Tuesdays @ 6pm


About Us:

We started in 1965 and our man made lake is approximately 430 acres with 17 miles of shoreline. The dam is 900 ft long and 45ft high. We have approximately 1900 lots and nearly 27 miles of road. All of our electricity, water and natural gas runs underground to preserve the natural beauty.

There are a lot of things to do in Holiday Shores! We have a baseball field, tennis court and 3 beaches. We also have various committees that put on a number of events every year. Below is a calendar of events that will be going on this month. If you would like to see a more detailed description, pictures and contact information click on the Community Involvement tab to the left.

If you have any questions about our community contact Angie at (618)656-7233 x2, or

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