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• Proposed Change to the Building Survey Rule

Today’s permit rule states as follows – change in bold:

A copy of a certified lot survey from a registered surveyor is required before a building permit will be issued for any new home construction. The survey pins must be marked with either bright painted stakes or flags. The HSBARC will not arbitrate land or property disputes among members and shall not include themselves in any type of redesign so to meet the requirements of this document. In addition, if there is not a registered survey on record by HSBARC, then a registered survey will be needed for the following items.

• Swimming Pool (below) $1000 ($400 refundable)
• Garages $1000 ($400 refundable)
• Additions $1000 ($400 refundable)
• Dock I $50 ($25 refundable)
• Dock II $100 ($50 refundable)
• Dock III $200 ($100 refundable)
• Fence $50 ($25 refundable)
• Seawall 1 $200 ($100 refundable)
• Seawall 2 $400 ($200 refundable)
• Storage Shed $150 ($75 refundable)

• Holishor Association Affirmation Document

Click here to view the Holishor Association Affirmation Document in support of incorporation.

Click here to view the Holishor Association's map of Holiday Shores lots and surrounding land parcels.

• Facebook Groups and Pages

Official Holiday Shores Community Group

Holiday Shores Ski Club Group

Holiday Shores Tiki Bar Bass Club Group

Holiday Shores Social Committee Page

• Boat Dock Rule Change – Effective 7/11/16

Boat docks are allowable on all lakefront building lots. The set-back requirements shall be as follows: the distance from either of the property lines shall be a minimum of five (5) feet, and the boat dock may extend into the lake a maximum of twenty (20) feet on the main lake and twenty (20) feet on the fishing arm and coves; except; no structure shall extend greater than twenty percent (20%) of the distance across the cove. The setbacks must be met up to twenty (20) feet into the lake. Only a roof and supporting structures are allowable; it cannot be closed in. HSBARC building permits required. Plans should include a material list, anchoring methods and a description of the floatation material. No rubber tires shall be allowed.

• Holiday Shores 2016 Incorporation Initiative

Click here to view the presentation from our annual meeting.


Events Calendar
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Exercise is Mondays @10am & Wednesdays & Fridays @ 9am

Karate is Tuesdays & Thursdays @ 7pm


About Us:

We started in 1965 and our man made lake is approximately 430 acres with 17 miles of shoreline. The dam is 900 ft long and 45ft high. We have approximately 1900 lots and nearly 27 miles of road. All of our electricity, water and natural gas runs underground to preserve the natural beauty.

There are a lot of things to do in Holiday Shores! We have a baseball field, tennis court and 3 beaches. We also have various committees that put on a number of events every year. Above and to the right is a calendar of events that will be going on this month. If you would like to see a more detailed description, pictures and contact information click on the Community Involvement tab above and to the left.

If you have any questions about our community contact Angie at (618)656-7233 x2, or

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