Rules & Regulations

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Covenants & Bylaws
Last updated 10/18/16

Boating Rules
Last updated 6/5/13

Barge Rules
Last updated 4/23/15

IDNR Boating Safety Rules & Guides

Building Rules & Regulations
There are multiple sections to this, click on the appropriate link. If you are planning to build on your property you will need the Building Permit and the Building Rules. These are all available below for download.
ATTENTION: Per our new contract with Allied Waste all residents and contractors are only permitted to rent a roll-away dumpster from Allied Waste. Please call the office at 618-656-7233 x4 for more information.
• 2019 Building Permit
• 2019 Building Rules
• HS Sanitary District – 2019 Preliminary Building Application
• Request for Refund
• Request for 1st Extension
• Request for 2nd Extension
• Variance Request
Last Updated 5/8/17

Call the Holishor Office to Confirm the Current Copies.
618-656-7233 x4 - Megan