Ski Club

Membership Information

The following are the conditions necessary for a ski club membership. All members must be in good standing with the Holishor Association. Members who participate in water activities, help in the boats, or help on the docks must be an active member of the USA Water-ski Association. Members who participate in skiing must also pay a membership to the Holiday Shores Ski Club.

Membership Levels -- New this year!!!

Play membership / Beginner: $40 indiv /$100 family

  • Skiers will be invited to attend all ski practices, this includes specialty practices (barefoot, wakeboard, swivel, and so on).
  • Participation in the July 4th show is optional.

Skill Level

Members who will be skiing are asked to accurately assess their abilities on the Ski Club registration form. Members will be classified by ability. The groups are defined as follows:

Beginner: An individual who has never skied or has some experience but can not perform a sitting two ski dock start.

Intermediate: An individual, who can consistently perform a two-ski sitting dock start, can do deep water starts on two skis and may have other skills above and beyond these requirements.

Advanced: An individual, who is capable of exhibiting a high skill level in the disciplines as they relate to show and competitive skiing. Group slalom, pyramids, bare footing, and swivel ski are a few examples.

During the course of the year, skiers of all levels will have the opportunity to learn new skills, and the club encourages each skier to advance. Certain skill levels will be required for participation in a skiing act. These skills must be demonstrated to the Show Director before a member will be scheduled in the act.

Membership Forms

The following forms must be completed and returned to a Ski Club Board Member for participation in the current ski season.

Membership form :

Advanced, Intermediate, Beginner, and Supporting Members

All members must have USA Water Ski Insurance:

USA Water Ski Insurance

All members must sign a HSSC waiver:

HSSC Waiver

All members must sign the HSSC Code of Conduct:

Code of Conduct

If you have an expense that you need reimbursed, please contact a board member for the form and more information.